A Review of Fabrics for Slipcovers

by SNorg on 09/04/2011

By Jeannie Hutchins of Natural Slipcovers

Jeannie of Natural Slipcovers

Jeannie of Natural Slipcovers

There is a wide range of  fabrics (conventional as well as organic) that are available for slipcovers. Jeannie of Natural Slipcovers has been in the industry for 16 years and carries a useful selection of samples from these companies, as well as others.  Please contact Jeannie @ Natural Slipcovers (919) 489-9820.

Barrow Industries offers mostly conventional upholstery-weight fabrics,  but some are suitable for slipcovers. Actual samples are available at Natural Slipcovers www.barrowindustries.com

Carr Textiles – The following links take you to color swatches of organic cotton fabrics that have been dyed with “environmentally friendly” dyes.

J Ennis offers some “green” fabrics that qualify for the LEED sustainable building program including some beautiful fabrics made from 100% recycled polyester. Read moreTies for slipcover closure

The following 4 companies offer a wide variety of fabrics, ranging from upholstery weight fabric that would be suitable for benches and cushion covers , to sheer fabrics that under the right circumstances would be suitable for a slipcover.  They offer some organic options.

Kravet Fabrics is my supplier for an amazingly rich chenille that drapes beautifully and is machine washable.  I carry many of the different color choices www.kravet.com

Kasmir Fabrics www.kasmirfabricsonline.com
Robert Allen Fabrics www.robertallendesign.com

GreenHouse Fabrics – though not organic, this North Carolina company offers some interesting fabrics www.greenhousefabrics.com

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