Triple Ruffle Skirt for a Slipcover

by SNorg on 11/21/2011

Triple ruffle skirt for a slipcover

The triple ruffle provides a chance to introduce a contrast fabric or texture.  The fabrics are a soft cotton ticking stripe and a soft linen look cotton duck.   I originally self lined the skirt, but with 3 layers of gathering, that was just too bulky.  So instead, I used a ¼” double fold hem.  Still working on getting the crease line out.  Thinking I may have to use vinegar and water.  But I’m loving this new (to me) hem for slipcover skirts.

And since my ruffling machine is on the fritz, I used the zigzag over cord method to make the gathers.

All, in all, a very soft, pretty feminine slipcover.

If you have any tips on how to remove those annoying creases in the skirt, I would love to hear them.

Slipcover Diva is Angie

To find out more about skirts for slipcovers go to

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