2015 Pricing Summary

The bi-annual Slipcover Pricing Summary is recognized as the most comprehensive pricing guide for custom slipcover fabrication in the soft furnishings industry.  Although some categories are specific to slipcovers, many relate to other aspects of interior fabrication.

The Slipcover Pricing Summary includes national, regional, and Canadian pricing. We have collected pricing information from professionals in the industry such as: custom fabricators, interior designers, decorators, and professional sewing workrooms.

All who participated in completing the pricing survey received a free copy of the completed Slipcover Pricing Summary for 2015. Industry professionals, who have not participated, may purchase a copy of the Slipcover Pricing Summary for their region for $10.00 each.

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This summary can be purchased by those who are in the Interior Home Decor Business whether it be it be a Slipcover Professional, Upholster, Home Decor Sewing Workroom, Designer, Decorator, Retail Store or Education and cannot be published or resold without permission of the Slipcover Network.

Who Participated in the Slipcover Pricing Survey 2015

  • 108 Businesses participated
  • 69 Full Times in Business – 39 Part Times in Business
  • 78 – Home Based – 30 Shop or other location

How long in Business:

20 yrs + (21)     16-20yrs (24)      10-15 yrs (22)      4-10yr (24)      1-3yrs (17)

We hope the summary will help you when it comes to pricing slipcover work in your region of the country. Our hope for you is to use this as a guide to enhance slipcover fabrication in your business.  This information was collected and tabulated by volunteers of the Slipcover Network.  Proceeds collected from your purchase of this information goes toward the upkeep and maintenance of the Slipcover Network website, directory listing and advertising to potential customers in the trade and in your community.

FYI: The pricing information does not include cost of fabric, materials or products to make the item priced. Pricing is for cost of labor to complete the project