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Slipcover Summits have been going on for 14 years.  Starting in 2000 which was a sleepover at Shirley’s as a “pj party” to share how we each make slipcovers, to Maureen Thomas and Trina Bell hosting at a school in VA, then Pat Reese in Texas in her workshop in Fort Worth and then I (Karen Erickson) started hosting the Slipcover Summits in St Louis, Missouri

From 2 days to 3 days to 4 days back to 3 days, during weekends to holding it during the week.  We have had Slipcover Summits in sewing workrooms, churches, hotels, schools, a furniture mart and retreat centers. Training the Instructor Class was given day before, so the instructors had the same goals and objectives while teaching attendees during the Summit. The Entrepreneur Slipcover Business Class was also added the day before to help folks with their business goals and management and Social Market and Web to help all become Internet savvy.

ottomanr&CAttendees: The largest Slipcover Summit had 45 people and the least was 12. We never really wanted big numbers, as class size was limited to 12 in a class session for best hands on learning experiences. Over 500 people have attended Slipcovers Summits in the past 14 years.

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Time for Change: After much discussion with teachers, and past students, having one location only one time of year just isn’t working. Folks just aren’t traveling as they did before. Sooo…it looks like it is time for change!


  • What if there were several slipcover workshops offered in your various locations at different times of the year, in several areas of the country? We could even do this in Canada!
  • The Slipcover Workshops could be 1 or 2 days.  It would depend on who would be hosting or teaching, and the site location. If the site can only hold 4 then its 4, 10 then it’s 10. No place to set up 8 machines and furniture, then it is a demo lecture type of workshop. It is your choice! Hook up with your local WCAA Chapters, or sewing store or any other sewing groups where you live. Or slipcover classes could be offered as part of an already yearly event in your area.
  • The Slipcover Network would post these workshops on “Slipcover Classes website” and would happily list Slipcover classes or workshops that are being offered.  This would be a separate website just for Slipcover Classes.
  • Instructors could team with each other to do these classes and even teach out of their own workrooms. Teach folks how to make Slipcovers for business or pleasure, knowing the tricks and tips, so folks don’t waste time trying to figure it out.
  • The Slipcover Network already has an Online Class for Training Teachers, and new instructors could take that training to get better background in understanding and teaching others. Keep to the highest standards, giving handouts in class with real instruction or DVD’s for students to refer to for future reference.
  • Stay close to home. No need to travel to far off places! But if you want to, you could attend a workshop or class that’s offering on a different slipcover method or particular type of furniture that is being address.

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If you want to host Slipcover Classes or teach Slipcover Classes or have feedback to add to these ideas please contact the Slipcover Network via email at slipcovernetwork@gmail.com. We can schedule a time to talk on the phone.

Change is always good.  It means creativity is in action, and we grow!

Karen Erickson