white sofaMy most popular is 12 oz denim. I like it best because the price is great and it is a heavy enough weight to cover most upholstery fabrics. Some bold prints require a lining still, which I use an 8 oz Chino twill, both from Carr Textile.



My second favorite white denim is the 14 oz washed denim from Online Fabric Store. It is not so bright, costs a bit more, but the extra weight has even better coverage.

two chairsLisa Harmon
Fort Myers, FL 33908

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Marge Jones is owner of MargesCustomSlipcovers.com in Hudson, Florida. Find Marge’s business listed on the Slipcover Directory in Florida with other Professional Slipcover Pros at http://slipcovernetwork.org/florida

Before Slipcover


after marge Slipcovered


Marge also has written two Slipcovers Books, do check these out at Amazon click here.

You may contact Marge directly calll 727-868-3898 for your free estimate or email  margescustomslipcovers@verizon.net


Why Attend the Slipcover Summit ?

May 31, 2012

Each of these professionals attended the Slipcover Summit so they could learn from their peers.  Today, they have successful businesses and they are now teaching at the Slipcover Summit this year in Hickory, NC. www.slipcoversummit.com.  Listen to the interview click here. Read the recent Newsletter with all updates on the Slipcover Summit 2012.

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