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by SNorg on 11/03/2015

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Did you know Laura Wilkins Siebert from Houston, Texas of LS Slipcovers and was a Martha Stewart American Made nominee most recently?

Though she was not announced as an award winner, she most definitely is a winner from where we professionals work each day.

Congratulations for the honor of being nominated and showing America the beauty of American handcrafted slipcovers for furniture.–bedding


My Favorite White Fabric for Slipcovers

October 29, 2015

My most popular is 12 oz denim. I like it best because the price is great and it is a heavy enough weight to cover most upholstery fabrics. Some bold prints require a lining still, which I use an 8 oz Chino twill, both from Carr Textile.   My second favorite white denim is the […]

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Call a Slipcover Professional in Connecticut (CT)

December 1, 2012

Do you live in Connecticut, (CT) ? Call a Slipcover Professional from the Slipcover Network Directory click here A. G. Puffenstuf Drapery, Enfield Creations by Sher, New London Cricket Lane Interiors, Enfield GIVE THEM THE SLIP, Fairfield Sewing Loft of Avon, Avon

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Why Attend the Slipcover Summit ?

May 31, 2012

Each of these professionals attended the Slipcover Summit so they could learn from their peers.  Today, they have successful businesses and they are now teaching at the Slipcover Summit this year in Hickory, NC.  Listen to the interview click here. Read the recent Newsletter with all updates on the Slipcover Summit 2012.

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2012 Slipcover Network Pricing Summary is Ready

May 21, 2012

2012 Slipcover Network Pricing Summary is ready for purchase. The Pricing Summary consists of 6 pages this year: Intro page Pricing Totals for Your Region North America Totals Plus a recap of who answered the Survey. If you would be so kind as to refer those you know to purchase the 2012 Slipcover Pricing Summary […]

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Slipcover Professionals in New Jersey

May 7, 2012

Someone asked the other day if there were “slipcover professionals” in New Jersey. Click here to go straight to our Directory Listing for NJ. Custom slipcovers made for your furniture.

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Triple Ruffle Skirt for a Slipcover

November 21, 2011

The triple ruffle provides a chance to introduce a contrast fabric or texture.  The fabrics are a soft cotton ticking stripe and a soft linen look cotton duck.   I originally self lined the skirt, but with 3 layers of gathering, that was just too bulky.  So instead, I used a ¼” double fold hem.  Still […]

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Organic and Hemp Fabrics for the Home

November 14, 2011 Organic Cotton for home furnishings is becoming more popular every year.  Here are a few great resources for organic and hemp fabrics. Organic cotton is special home for decor items that have a number of advantages over synthetic fabric drapes like polyester. For one thing, although cotton itself is one of the world’s most […]

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A Review of Fabrics for Slipcovers

September 4, 2011

By Jeannie Hutchins of Natural Slipcovers There is a wide range of  fabrics (conventional as well as organic) that are available for slipcovers. Jeannie of Natural Slipcovers has been in the industry for 16 years and carries a useful selection of samples from these companies, as well as others.  Please contact Jeannie @ Natural Slipcovers (919) […]

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